Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

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Re: Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

nick_nz wrote:

Liking the idea of the Pentax smc 50mm or maybe still the canon 50mm 1.4. Id like to get the 20mm panasonic and heard a lot of good reviews but its quite a bit more than i was hoping to spend and the 14mm was almost free with the kit do have that already. The Leica mounted lens looks amazing although the price is high too..

Would you guys recommend the 50mm faster lens for me or the 35mm slight slower but not as long lens?

Also appreciate the advice about the manual focusing. Although it sounds like it could be quite hard to get used to, I'm actually really looking forward to playing around with it, so sure even if it doesn't work for as many shots as i like it too I'll no doubt learn a lot and have a lot of fun in the process.

Manual focus isn't the time and shot wasting drudge many would have you believe. Like any skill, it requires patience and practice to master. But it's quite enjoyable and often the only way to get the shot! It Is a basic skill.

I use a GH2, so the EVF makes it much easier. You'll have to see how well you manage with the GF2, but it's certainly doable.

As far as manual lenses (and my philosophy) go, if you're making the commitment to learning and using manual lenses, buy good ones! There's nothing worse than using crappy tools and price difference is minimal. Go to and search the fixed focal lengths. $100 and up is reasonable for a better quality lens.

I manual have Nikon, Pentax and Olympus lenses. The Olympus OM lenses are nice, (I have a 135mm f2.8).

Pentax 35mm f2.8 (bayonet mount):

Nikon 35mm f2.8:

Olympus 35mm f2.8:

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