Moon Shot and other pics from my FZ150

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Re: Moon Shot and other pics from my FZ150

jakesan wrote:

That is a real good question and I am very curious.

Comparing your shot to others and it is night and day (sorry to say):
See "FZ-150 Moon Shot/on Tripod" from "Johnno02" ... WOW!

I am getting a FZ150 very soon and would like to get as much "desk experience" as possible beforehand.

I am humbled to see my Moon shot held in such high Regard,
Thank You, jakesan

For those who would like some info, on my method of taking Moon Pics, with the Panasonic FZ-150 here goes, from what I can remember, of the linked Pic.

I used an Olympus TCON-17 attached to the FZ-150, Via A DMW-LA5 Adapter

Camera set to Shutter Priority.....Play with shutter speed, ( 1/100-1/200) it will need to vary, depending on what size the Moon is, and where in the Sky it is, Higher is better for clearer shots.(of course straight up is harder to shoot too)

(I Zoom), Turned ON, only because it gets the eye closer to see detail, doesn't hurt the pic either. (my eyes are from a 63 year old long time Insulin Dependant Diabetic)
You may want to turn it off,and crop later.

Size does Matter,Bigger, is Not always Better in the case of Moon Photography,
Although some people get Great Pics of a full Moon, I Don't.

I find a half Moon, or thereabouts is best for good detail.

If, you can see the Terminator (Line between Light,and Dark), then this is best for bringing out the Craters Definition.

I set my Camera to Centre weighted metering
Single focus area.
ISO, no more than 400, less is best.

EV -.33, Vary this as well to suit, IE, Brighter Moon = more -EV to stop blowing the highlights, on the brighter parts, don't go too far or you lose definition on the darker Areas, Craters etc.

Frame your shot, and use the 2 second Timer, to prevent blur,remember, you now have a bloody great long lens on the Camera, With I zoom on, and the TCON-17 attached, somewhere over 1320mm

As a wise Member of this forum advised me "Use A Tripod", I took his advice,and believe you should too, if you want Good Moon Pics.

I have taken hand held Moon Pics,with this setup,after a few home brewed Beers.....helps steady the hands.....Unfortunately,after a few too many,I cant even find the bloody thing.

I have been taking pics of the Moon,and other Astronomical objects, for many years,and find these are the best settings (so far) for the FZ-150.

Hope this helps.


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