Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Apple has you guys by the balls, haven't they...?

...Granted, they do offer a more seamless integration with the iPad, if you consider iTunes and have multiple Apple devices.

But I am amazed at how many photographers don't actually consider the Pros&Cons for these kind of devices, when applied to their high-level hobby or profession.

In a few months I will exchange my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (original) which served me exceedingly in the past 1 1/2 year for the new SGT 7.7.

With this solution I have (...or will have...):

1. A format factor that is actually designed for image media content, not a publishing content format, adapted for image media.

2. Dependable, beautifully simple Wi-Fi connectivity for pictures download into the device, by using a Eye-Fi PROX2 and not being subject to the awkward Eye-Fi own Direct Mode card function, which wrestles with the design imposition of having to have the card work both as Wi-Fi receptor and, alternatively, as hot-spot transmitter.

I use an incredibly simple alternative app designed by Kevin Tambascio, called MoPhotos, because the SGTs can be enabled has a Wi-Fi "hot spots", themselves.

3. When I'll get the new 7.7 I'll have the best display around for photo viewing, a Super AMOLED Plus one. (...if you think "Retina" is fantastic, you really have to see both side-by-side...)

4. MicroSD expandability up to 64Gb. That's on top of the internal 64Gb memory, mind you (...if Samsung takes too long to come up with those, I'll just have the 32Gb version, thank you very much...)

5. USB Host-enabled connector allowing, precisely, for the original request in the OP: Remote controlling my 1DMKIV with the Controller app (when Samsung releases the ICS for the 7.7 this will work without even having to root the tablet).

6. The host-enabling of the connector allows for connection and memory management of any external storage media from inside the tab.

To all this an Ipad based solution counter-offers the ability to handle Raw files natively.

Too little, I would contend...

Wake up fellow photograph enthusiasts. Being "Trendy" can actually be hurting your photographic activity, as far as tablets are concerned.


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