LR4 slower than LR3 on my computer

Started Mar 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
TonyGamble Senior Member • Posts: 2,881
Re: LR4 slower than LR3 on my computer

I've upgraded my beta to the paid for LR4 on two almost identical machines.

One is fine and one is slow. On the slow one the first time you move a slider it does not follow the cursor. Several sessions later a white rectangle appears on the screen or the screen flashes in its entirety and then the sliders seem to work smoothly.

Someone has suggested checking the screen driver (the machine that works has a different one) and that's my first project for today.

Clearly there are a lot of unhappy punters out there.

But even within that bundle of users there are one or two without problems. Endorsing my experience that LR4 works on some machines but not others.

What we need to find out is WHY?


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