The D800 Is Absolutely STUNNING

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The D800 Is Absolutely STUNNING

I have been away from the group for a coule of years using the ole D700 and 85 1.4 since I got it. Posted here for a few and saw how mean and unrealistic a lot were. And also how nice most of you were. But alas one person made a complaint and got me banned for a few weeks and it lost its fun quickly after that.

However one thing hasnt changed and thats the love I have for creating images, and the sunsequest manipulation of those images to creat dramatic photos.

I always thought that the D700 was an AMAZING camera, and I am right it seems after ll these years using it. If one uses the tool within the limits or smartly sets the camera for exposure however short ot long, then its capability FAR outweighs most of us having the experience to operate the beast. What a completely amazing pience of machinery the D700 is.

I also believe that EVERY phot MUST be optimized for WHATEVER display it will ultimately se shown as... be it computer screen, print, posters, billboards, small biusiness cards, etc.

So the point of all the above is that the D800 is all the above and 3 times more camera. Just a beautiful a machine that most of us will never completely master.

Do not ocmplain about the camera in any way. Use it for what it is and creat images. There are too many that take great shots and then post that huge file on facebook to have it compressed from 4300 pixels down to 720.. thats a lot of relying on FB to display your photos throwing away 3500 pixels it thinks are ok to remove.

The D800 is amazing amazing amazing. It will most definately let all of us know if our lens is worth a darn or not. The D4 with 85 1.8 at ISO200 is MIND BLOWING for the Nikon Cameras.

This is the show that should make everyone realize that this instrument is caple of whatever in the world you think you can throw at it.

I also dont take my ISO further than around 1250-2500, and no more. I have a 1.4 lens an will correct any mild darkness if low light in post.

This is totally amazing. The totaly clarity where I can see INTO the numbers's paint is AMAZING. (I use a HP LP2475W personally set-up).

So please I challenge every one that complains about any single function out of spec frustrations instead of real world use to hush an impose a self-restricted time from dpreview. Go take some amzing shots for a week and cme bck and show us all and lets all be a team because really this is the funnest hobby there is and is the total equivalent of painting with light.

Thanks for reading

Nikon D4 Nikon D700 Nikon D800
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