How Does One Refill With 3rd Party Inks? Canon 9000 Mk II

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Re: Go here

Follow Vernon's suggestion and visit Inkjetcarts or call and speak to Ross Hardie or watch the videos on his site.

Your best choice of carts are the ones that came with the printer, a little TLC and they will outlast your printer.

Go to Rjettek's site and view their catalog or call Linda Hunt, I have been using their ink for several years-it is a hi quality product. The match is so close to Canon's that I did not choose to flush the 'empty' carts before refilling-just refilled each as they 'emptied'.
Whenever you refill a cart, take the effort to top off those carts that are low.

Use the chip reseter before you refill, less ink in the cart means less leakage-on you!

For family pix, the results were fine, but I do use a Colormunki for profiling.

For more info, do search for my and Bob Petruska's postings here--everything to get yu going and keep you going is there plus more from the great volunteers here.

good luck irv weiner

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