A Wolf park in Indiana?

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Re: A Wolf park in Indiana?

I live about 5 minutes away from there in Lafayette, IN, but haven't been there yet. Always seem to be busy when they do one of their bigger events, and forget about it otherwise.

They have more photos on their Facebook page:

This area isn't incredibly scenic but if you come here you'll probably find some more interesting wildlife hiking along the Wabash River trails:

I spot at least two bald eagles every time I'm out there. Usually some good photographs to be had. I'd suggest staying upstream of Lafayette if the river is high, unless you like the smell of raw sewage. I'd also stay away from West Lafayette unless you like dealing with the kind of idiots who attend Purdue these days.

Luckily the larger and more scenic part of the trail extends towards Battle Ground, and the city of Lafayette itself has plenty of mid-late 1800s architecture to photograph. The people here are photographer-friendly, and there are some great restaurants, 2 local microbreweries (LBC on Main St. and People's (better beer) on 9th St.), plenty of bars and music events going on all year round.

I live here and don't really like that part, but it is definitely a nice place to visit.

Hope that helps,

BobT wrote:

I did manage to locate a Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana. Looks promising.

But the web site does not address it's photographic potential. Anyone been there?

I have been to Yellowstone, and saw, but was not able to photograph, wolves there. Also, the International Wolf Center is in my state of Minnesota. Ely, Mn, to be exact. A very nice facility.

But this doesn't stop me from wanting to look to other facilities to see what they have, too.

I believe there is a nice facility in New York as well. Or at least out in the north east somewhere.

Wolves are my "thing". I have hundreds, if not thousands of photographs of wolves. To me, they're infectious. I want more. So, as we were planning a trip to N. Carolina this summer, I thought maybe we could stop at the Indiana facility(if it offered a photo friendly opportunity).

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