Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

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Re: Good retro film lens to add to 4/3 GF2

M4/3 takes just about every lens mount ever made with the appropriate adapter.
I myself prefere Leica M39 screw mount lenses and Leica M mount lenses.

The screw mount lenses are often collapsable into the body of the camera with no harm, and thus the camera and lens will fit into any pocket. For me this is important, and the iQ is very good.

For the best IQ use Leica M lenses. New they are exreamly expensive, but older M lenses can be purchased second hand for a fraction of the price of a new lens. sell Russian made copies of the Leica M39 screw mount lenses for $49 each for 50mm f/3.5 Collapsable Elmar (copy) as well as other focal lengths. sells Leica Screw Mount lenses and Leica M mount lenses as well as Canon FD and Nikon F, Ai, Ais legacy lenses. has the adapters for all different makes.
Good Luck and have fun and don't forget to post your images when you get back.

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