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Re: Saffron Finch

That's pretty good...yes you are right...F8 to F11 seems to be the sweet spot. I like that you got a nice picture at ISO5000 again.

I did take a few more photos of some crocus flowers (while we had some sun this late afternoon) with my Canon T2i and the 55-250mm lens at different settings and the ones at F13 were sharper than F18 (which is what I expected). I compared those pictures to my Olympus E510 and the telephoto lens at nearly the same settings and the photos were almost the same. The Oly image seemed a little sharper at a much slower shutter speed (1/30th) but the depth of field was greater. This is the trade off with the older 4/3rds sensor...the usable ISO levels are lower but the depth of field is greater with the smaller sensor (all other things being equal). But the OOC JPEG image colors weren't that far apart and any sharpness difference was so minor that it wouldn't probably make any difference at all when printing 150 to 300 dpi.

Anyway, it's great to change up the settings...makes understand the camera and lens...being not afraid to push boundaries. I like that you do push boundaries (like using such a high ISO). Thanks for the confirmation...that is using the Q mode; I like using that one too since I change many settings so much each time.

I think the image quality is pretty good at F14 with the 55-250mm IS lens this one. I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure I cropped this a little to get closer to the bird.

Canon T2i (550D), 55-250mm IS lens, ISO800, F14, 1/400, 250mm FL

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