Sensor-Shift and Superresolution/Oversampling

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Re: Might be beyond current camera processor power

steephill wrote: This post discusses PhotoAcute and implies that serious computing power is required for good results.

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I just downloaded the demo version and tried it because the 5 minute time given on that post sounded suspiciously low... The program is very poorly multithreaded. On my computer (similar to that of the post, i7 980 + 24GB), it mostly was using around 8% processor, which works out to it being single-thread only (1 "hyperthread" utilized out of 12) Every once in a while it would jump up to about 30% for a fraction of a second, then go back down. Kind of sad for imaging processing software as it is one of the few tasks that is actually easy to parallelize. It actually did a good job on some random handheld auto-bracketed shots too... too bad it would be painfully slow to use. They should really get on fixing that.

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