Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

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Re: Who else wishes the 1D X and 5D III have iPad control/view?

it would be awesome, especially if you do that with the ipad color profiled, for once you could find the right WB and colors in field comparing to the real scene (wb cards and all do nothing when trying to match sunset lighting, etc.)

zerozeronine wrote:

The D4 (not the D800, it seems) is currently the only camera that allows for you to see what the camera sees on an iPad, and control all its functions, including choosing the location of focus...all wirelessly without any 3rd party apps, with just the small wifi attachment.

And, no, the iPad app that can be used with Canons requires the iPad to be wired to a computer, which communicates to the camera, making it a much less desirable setup, even if it's "just" a small laptop.

Especially with the new retina display iPad, this would be great for landscape/studio people, and anyone who needs to remotely control the camera.

I've been waiting for this for a long time, along with the retina display iPad, and now that the retina display iPad is out, I'm reminded again that neither the 1D X nor 5D III will have this feature.

Yeah, I know we can't have everything... And the new Canon bodies look great. But why does it seem like no one else is excited about having iPad viewing and control? Don't people pay thousands to have that kind of functionality with crappy displays?


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