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G1X - Out and About PICS

Taken with the S95 - The G1X on the breakfast table as I wait for morning coffee. Taken with the s95. I don't know why Canon didn't add a little clip to the lens cap just like they did with some of their camcorders... you could clip the lens cap to the strap rather than have it dangle.

Taken with the S95 - Who says the G1X is a "thick, bulky camera?" For a camera that gives the average entry-level DSLR a run for it's money, this is a TINY camera by comparison. I don't know why people keep calling it a 'huge brick' when it's nothing like a DSLR in terms of size.

Traffic queued up... The sun was still in the process of getting over the horizon.

  • 1/60s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso250

Here comes the sun. Taken as I await my turn to enter the traffic queue.

  • 1/1250s f/6.3 at 31.9mm iso250

I am fascinated by the Harry's Cafe De Wheels neon signage. Interesting to test digital cameras with neon because they used to wash out the area of maximum brightness with a "blooming effect". The G11 was the first compact digital that I used which could capture neon pretty much as the human eye sees it. The G1X does as well.

  • 1/500s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso250

This fence is actually at an odd angle because it crests a hill. The local bicycle store owner paid graffiti artists to decorate the wall.

  • 1/320s f/5.6 at 25.9mm iso100

Infra Red (with a Hoya R72) filter test. Played around with this shot a little.

  • 1/2s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso640

Infra Red (with a Hoya R72) filter test.

  • 0.80s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso640

A Neon+Argon+Xenon filled Plasma Ball - captured exactly as the eye sees it. Same intensity and color saturation.

  • 1/80s f/3.5 at 17.8mm iso3200 + MACRO

A picture of Mauii from a couple of days ago.. forgot about this one. Some nice detail captured around his chin and nose.

  • 1/60s f/5.6 at 25.0mm iso200 + MACRO

Abstract Street Shot.

  • 1/200s f/5.6 at 26.4mm iso125 + MACRO

Trees reflected on building windows.

  • 1/400s f/5.6 at 40.2mm iso125

Waiting for a pizza to cook, I snapped this shot of three rather boring looking steel-legged red stools.

  • 1/30s f/5.0 at 39.1mm iso200 + MACRO

Steel Legs.

  • 1/25s f/6.3 at 60.4mm iso200 + MACRO

My "signature dish" Steak pizza with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. (photographed on the front seat of my car).

  • 1/60s f/4.0 at 15.1mm iso160 + MACRO

Xenon-Plasma at 35 Kv - just as it appears to the eyes.

  • 1/250s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso3200 + MACRO

Taken with the S95 - The G1X has a raised Scroll Wheel - which is a welcome improvement to the design ... unlike the G11 which has a recessed wheel that made it much harder to select or scroll without hitting the wrong button.

Taken with the S95 - Closeup view of the G1X lens which has an optically treated/coated (and extremely thin) outer glass element. This is easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth.

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