Weddings and RAW Files for Clients

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Re: Weddings and RAW Files for Clients

Dan Marchant wrote:

elavoie wrote:

.....but I find myself very frusterated that my post processing is good enough to sell work in galleries, etc, but it is such a controversial question to ask someone I am paying to capture my special day!

How would you feel if those galleries asked for the files so they could get someone else to make changes to your images? Wouldn't it seem rather stupid of the gallery to be displaying your images if they didn't think they were good enough?

This is a great question. I'm not asking the wedding photographers to allow me to use their images for promotion, display, distribution, or to sell their images. I'm not asking for RAW files in place of jpegs. My wedding has sentimental value and this is the reason I want the both stunning jpegs from a skilled photographer and RAW files for personal use.

If another artist wanted to purchase one of my files for personal use because it had sentimental value to him, I would be very happy to provide the file to him at an affordable price.

Many photographers rightly view what they do as a creative work. They are offering you their vision of the event, which includes the way the image is processed. If you don't want their vision then you probably shouldn't be hiring them. Would you hire a painter to paint a portrait and then ask him for a few tubes of his paint so you can make changes afterwards - or more precisely would you expect an artist to agree to such a request?

My fiance and I very much want their vision and final files! My fiance wants my vision and to some extent hers too. I can't give that to her entirely, but if I had the RAW file I could better do that than the jpeg. Whatever format the file is in, I'm going to try to processes it, but only for personal use!

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