First Moon Shot - C&C welcome

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Re: First Moon Shot - C&C welcome

realgeek wrote:

Bassett1 wrote:

Sparkydave - do you use autofocus then?

Personally, I don't use autofocus. I set to manual focus and focus on infinity.

What is the best time to get moon shots, would i get more detail when it isnt a full moon?

I don't know the terminology, but anywhere from 1/3 to 3/4 moons are best. When the moon is full, the sun is shining directly at it, making it a flat picture -- like on-camera flash. At other times, the sun is shining at an angle, casting shadows on the craters. This creates better textures.

Factors that contribute to good moon shots:

  • clear sky

  • moon straight up: less atmosphere to shoot through

  • moon size and speed (both good, but inversely related, I believe)

I find AF works, but MF to infinity I'd agree with.

Hope you don't mind me adding mine from another thread, but just to highlight what realgeek said....

Full moon tonight

Slightly waxing moon last night - more detail

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