4 more years of banding posts :(

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Re: 4 more years of banding posts :(

In my view, the whole "maybe you have a bad copy with banding" meme is a matter of trying to find a polite explanation for why some seem to find noise banding to be a Terrible Awful Scourge Of The Earth And The Ultimate Bane Of All Photography while others say, yes you can find a bit in a very small percentage of images if you push shadows a lot and go looking for it at 100% but it won't ever show up in a print .

I'm convinced that all 5D2s behave essentially the same when it comes to this issue, but that the primary difference is how the issue is viewed by the person talking about it.

I'd guess that far fewer than 10% of 5D2 owners notice this, much less regard it as a problem. The number who complain about a thing is always greater than the number who post when something works the way it is expected to work. Here you have perhaps a dozen or so hard-core noise banding folks who simply can't let this one go... out of thousands of people who no doubt read and occasionally post on this forum.


tlinn wrote:

Tinu_ch wrote:

I guess less than 10% of 5DII owners have a problem with banding; the great majority hasn't even heard about it.

Are you saying that the banding issue only occurs in 10% of 5D2's or that only 10% of users have noticed it?

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