"Bin Laden not buried at sea"?

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Sorry, no, the link is a link to lies.

SonyA77 wrote:

Hahahhaha they are quotes from Democrats with links directly to statements they made before the Iraq war! You are checkmate...

They are beyond belief in their lying. While I'm not going to bother to debunk all of them, I'll debunk the first (and last) one I read.

He quotes Joe Wilson as being in favor of Mr. Bush's policy, and in favor of war. In fact the interview is the exact opposite of that. Compare his out of context quotes with the full interview.


Your problem here is that this link you provided is a link that deliberately lies, yet you will post a link from this same proven liar again and again. Mind you, I'm not saying this guy made an error - He carefully extracted from that interview, cut and pasted, and essentially said that "Black is White."

This is something you are really clueless on. You cannot use a proven liar as a source!

Mind you, I'm not talking about honest error.


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