7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?

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Re: 7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?


About those blue streaks ... if I was a bit more careful describing them, I shouldn't necessarily call them "blue" because the streaks appear in ALL photos: blue in a blue sky (which is the most clearly evident situation and so was my example), a smudgy gray on a gray sky or on snow and so on. The streaks are had to see when the subject matter in the upper left quadrant isn't clean and clear, like a sky, but it was there on all shots using all lenses at all apertures.

I could see it in-camera (the JPEGs played back on the LCD, I think you're right there) and also the RAW files in Lightroom. Any default import processing in Lightroom had no effect.

ADC is the same engine as LR, so I suspect I'd get the same results.

Test shots after Canon replaced the chip confirm that I no longer have the streaks in the blue sky ... or anywhere else.

Hope this helps,

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