Waiting for a $600 D4

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Re: Waiting for a $600 D4

Patrick McMahon wrote:

diverroy wrote:

John Motts wrote:

It's always good fun trying to get Frank Stein to call you an idiot!

It doesn't take much though does it.

Anything he does not like or disagrees with or anything that he cannot see as tongue in cheek humour

I think he is one of the most consistent posters on here. And he is heads and tails funnier than the people who try to be funny.

I think the most important question to ask is: Who the F is Frank Steyn or whatever the name was? An intellectual from another developing country who thinks he is something special...? Able to comment more than two lines about somebody who has a... eh, brain and some real disgust on people posting all kinds of cr@p on the web? No, obviously not. Probably just another Chevrolet owner drinking Coca Cola for brakefast... no, not with a Chevy, but what I´ve heard european cars do have good brakes.

Yes, the thought behind the original post was to get idiots to reveal themselves... it works. They are appearing like mushrooms in rain and now some are wondering "what should I do with the EDIT - button

One should have a look at the seriousness of people posting on a forum like this... and related that to the gear being discussed... and then realise (if one is capable of that), that about a quarter of the are just hilariousloy stupid even if serious.

I think the forums should be divided into single, double and triple digit body numbers... just to avoid too much idiocy among people who really are photographers.

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