President Romney vs Obama

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Ohio Catholics voted for Romney

so you are wrong...

mamallama wrote:

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mamallama wrote:

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If Santorum wins Super Tuesday and probably the nomination, I will probably vote for Obama...

Not to worry. Santorum will probably never win another election. He shot his wad when he went on his anti-women rampage and puking on JFK's speech trying to placate the religious evangelicals in the week before the Michigan primary.

Since then he has tried to back out of his statements. He's really a dumb campaigner.

How dumb is a guy who makes it to this level? Probably smarter than any of us.

How far do you think he is? I said dumb campaigner , not dumb. Think of his competitors that dropped out so far: Buddy Roemer, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry. A real bunch of losers. That Santorum is this far is a reflection on his competitors, the cobbed-up Republican primary process and an uninformed Republican electorate. They vote on fringe issues more than anything else.

And I would not discount the American penchant for religion. We are not far from muslims in that regard.

Religion is only a major factor in the Bible Belt South where the evangelical fundamentalists have strong control over thought. In the general electorate, one's religion is a minor factor, if at all. The evidence is clear if you pay attention how Romney does so poorly in the South compared to elsewhere. The South doesn't like Mormons, they think Mormonism is cult.

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