X-S1 vs. FZ-150 Comparo

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Re: X-S1 vs. FZ-150 Comparo

Michael Harvey wrote:

I had both the cameras for a couple of weeks. Ultimately I ended up selling the Panasonic because of handling issues (just too small for my hands and I abhor the motorized zoom!).

The X-S1 solved ALL of those issues and gave me a vastly superior EVF and longer zoom to boot.
These aspects I still love.

After using the FUJI more extensively, however, I have been less than totally satisfied with it's IQ. Yes, it will (and does) deliver some nice 8X10's AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT CROPPING.

On the other hand, the Fz-150 can generate beautiful 4X6's and 5X7's cropped from the 100% image.

(Both cameras suffer from mediocre low-light focus performance and neither handles high ISO all that well. So the real difference in objective performance is the quality of the images).

I just finished a 2-hour review of images from both cameras at IS0 200.

At 100% (full size), the FZ-150 consistently delivered images that were markedly superior to the FUJI.

Most of the Panny's 100% images would have looked just fine printed at full size.

NONE of the X-S1 images were 'usable' due to smearing, loss of detail and the obvious tell-tale of aggressive in-camera processing.

I'm going to keep playing with the FUJI for a while. I truly WANT to love this camera!

But for those who don't mind the small size (and whose hands have no problem with the small buttons) and who can live with a motorized zoom and lousy EVF...I gotta' tell you - in my opinion the FZ-150 wins the IQ comparo hands-down.
Mike Harvey


I must say that your assessment of both cameras is SPOT ON!

While I don't have the X-S1 to do direct comparisons, I have compared as many samples from the internet as possible...and have drawn exactly the same conclusions that you have.

All of your comments about FZ150 functionality... too small form factor, tiny buttons, motorized lens, lousy EVF and your comments about cropping are exactly as I perceive them to be.

When I finally get the X-S1, I suspect I will favor it for it's functionality...but not for it's image quality. The FZ150 is a little power house, and definitely provides better image quality save for a tiny advantage the X-S1 has for low light. And since neither crops well, the advantage of the X-S1's larger sensor is almost non-existent.

The FZ150 has very toy-like build quality...so there is something to be said for the X-S1...but the Panny is a little gem for speed and image quality. Nothing I've seen posted makes me think that the X-S1 is equal to it. Like you, I'll probably prefer the X-s1 for it's form factor...but that's about the only reason.

Even my old Panny FZ50 seems to have better resolution than the X-S1, and the FZ150 is definitely an improvement on it.

Still, like you, I really want to like the X-S1. Only time will tell so I'm going to give it a fair chance to prove itself...hopefully with a serious firmware update.

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