I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

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Re: I just saw 5dmk3 and Nikon D800 samples on their official sites and I'm...

Skip M wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Skip M wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Skip M wrote:

No, I won't, because I won't have as high expectations for it. With all the brouhaha about how much better the DR will be with eeny, teeny pixels, I'm not seeing more than a marginal improvement, in the real world, not the lab, in DR from this camera over what my 5D (old model) produces. My camera would have blown the c* p out of those highlights, and so does this one.
Where's that DR improvement you've been trumpeting, bobn2?

You have some very strange ideas about what DR is. DR is NOT highlight headroom. It is headroom plus footroom. To not blow out highlights, without a camera with special compromises like the Fuji S series, you have to use negative exposure compensation. You do that with the 5D3, you risk banding much more, and the noise floor is over three stops closer than the D800.

You can not meter for ISO 100, at ISO 100, and expect to have much highlight headroom with any Canon or Nikon.

I know what DR is,

so you say

it's both ends of the scale, not just the top or the bottom. But, I expect that, if you're metering for the mid, your gonna get both blocked shadows and blown highlights, if you meter for the shatdows, your going to get blown highlights worse than if you metered for the midrange.

now we see that you don't. Nor do you know what exposure is. So, clearly, if you don't want blown highlights, you're going to have to use less exposure, which means 'metering for the highlights', in your terminology, and if the DR is big enough, you won't get blocked shadows.

Wow, so, because I didn't add that to my list, I don't know what I'm talking about?

If that's what you say.

If you meter for the highlights, chances are you will get blocked shadows, because the DR isn't "big" enough.

That would depend on the DR, would it not? If you have more than 14 stops of DR, and the shadows are less than 14 stops below the highlights, then they won't get blocked, will they?

If the highlights in that photo are blown, but the shadows aren't, that indicates, at a glance, that there's not enough DR to cover the range of the scene.

No, it doesn't - because you don't know how much more there was to come from the shadows, do you?

Chances are, if the highlights are what are metered, then the shadows will be the problem.

That depends on how much DR you have. You are used to a camera with around 11 stops of Dr, not one with around 14 stops.

Bob, you're so determined to worship at the altar of the D800 that you won't recognize any limitations to the camera at all. Objectivity is not your strong point.

Objectively, the D800 clearly has far more DR than the 5DIII, or any Canon, or any other Nikon, or any other camera. You know little enough that you have chose absolutely the weakest ground to argue on. If you'd taken the line on FPS, or focus cross points, I wouldn't have been able to argue with you. But you chose DR.

I"m looking at this, it looks like he metered for the shadows, indeed, but I'm seeing more blown highlights than I'd expect, that's all.

Then your expectation are weird.


Not at all. Those expectations were raised by people like you who claim multiple stops of DR advantage over the 5D, and I ain't seeing it.

Then you don't know where to look, as your post proves.

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