Worst foreign policy ever...

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Re: Worst foreign policy ever...

Not a threat but there are many threats against my beloved country and we are needed around the world, we are the police of the world since UN is useless!

Now that Putin is back, a former KGB, you'll see and what do you think Russia is aiding Iran to build its nuclear program - it is called proxy war!

Wheatfield wrote:

SonyA77 wrote:

Ah so if Russia is not a threat or anything why this?

"Russia’s military spending soars"

Every country will renew it's military from time to time.

American military spending continues to soar, does this make the USA a threat to the rest of the world?

Considering how many wars of aggression your country is involved in, the answer is pretty obvious, though it's doubtful you have the brains to figure it out.

What threat are you seeing from Russia right now?

That's two questions, can you actually man up and answer them?

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