Product Photography C&C (round 3)

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Re: Product Photography C&C (round 3)

Duncan C wrote:

I agree with most of the other comments. A question: What is the goal of this shot? If it's a product shot, the first shot needs more light on the label. You can make it out, but it should be central. You'd need to aim some carefully controlled light right on the label to make it brighter.

The first pour shot isn't too bad, but the last 2 are over the top. My reaction to each is "Wait, why are you wasting that yummy-looking beer?!?" and "ugh, who poured a beer with a head that fills half the glass?"

The goal is to learn! It's part of a series for my blog.

I agree about the nature of the shot. I was just trying somthing different. I had a six pack and wanted to try somthing different. (in my defence, i did lick most of the beer off the table so none went to waste ;P)

I'll have to try a few things out to get more light on the label... Problem is, at this point i only have 2 lights. (i had to return a SB800 i was borrowing). I know i could use multiple exposures and take one with the other light behind then one in front and photochop, but for the purposes of the blog, i only want to do minimal editing...

mizzar wrote:

Try bringing the camera down closer to the beer's "eye level." The current angle is from a bit too high up. Gives the feeling of a snapshot, not a product photo.

I tried this and felt you didnt get a good representation of the head (see above link to blog for previous posts).

eric guzman wrote:

for me, the foreground is distracting and too busy, I would eliminate the elements there to keep the focus on the beer, also, I would reduce the wood chips, and blur more the background,just my two cents as a consumer

I somewhat agree about the foreground. As for bluring out the background, i'm already at 1.8! unless i photochop i dont think i can blur anymore with out more seperation, which i dont have... the background is actually around 3-4 feet away... i'll see what i can do. (the other handplane is closer i guess.)

Quantum Help wrote:

You could try placing a small tubular display counter type bulb behin the bottle to cast some light through it and make the beer lighter. I used to do 8x10 transparencies for a major licquer company in my NYC studio in the 70's and this was a technique that I used.

"small tubular display counter type bulb" ?? you mean like one of those long floressent office lights? Hmmm... that sounds tricky. I have another flash, and gumption. Maybe i can try making a modifier for it to look like that. Have any examples that you can show me?

diyphotographystuff wrote:

First three are very good, not only set and photographed correctly, but also makes you want some beer (I want to drink one, but its only 15:00 now)...
Very good!

Thanks to all for the helpful comments. You're more then welcome to check out the blog and comment on the beer if you've had it. (we'll leave all photo comments here)

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