Worst foreign policy ever...

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Re: Worst foreign policy ever...

Look at my postings history and date published of my sources = currents...I thought you are atheist, why you even mentioned God on this thread?

knox wrote:

SonyA77 wrote:

No fear just current events discussion...

Oh sure, I believe you . . . . . . . geeez (keep trying to hide behind that comment)

First, you (as a fear based / faithless person) is fearful that Obama "wants to weaken USA nuclear deterrent" (a guy who is suppose to believe in and have faith in God is worrying about the US not having enough nuclear warheads or defense!!). . . Then you are fearful Obama MAY be "sharing some classified U.S. data as part of an effort to allay Russian concerns about a controversial antimissile shield." (without knowing the facts and info). Isn't your God anti missile shield enough?

ALL this is an attempt to drum up more anti-Obama conflict baiting BS with a thread title of "worst foreign policy ever' . . . . . all doom and gloom sensationalism and FEAR. Where is your faith in your God?

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