And the 2012 European Car of the Year...

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A small recommendation....if I may be so bold....

YoHahnMD wrote:

I'll bite my lip and keep my mouth shut!


I recently learned to do something that was hard to get used to but is now easy - don't even read their posts. Sometimes it may be hard not to peek. Don't do it. It will set you free. It has me. And I don't even need the "ignore" button.

You probably will not prevent anyone from posting their nonsense no matter how many times you point out the error of their ways. I've tried it - it doesn't work. In fact, it encourages them. Some people pull wings off flies, others try to annoy us. Neither is pleasant to deal with.

Good luck - and I always read your quips.

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Wilh., aka the WoodMaven

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