My first attempt at shooting the Moon....

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Re: My first attempt at shooting the Moon....

Tandaina wrote:

Great job.

I think I need to chuck my old Minolta 100-300. I've tried moon shots like these and they are SO soft there is zero detail. Poor old lens just can't stand up to the a900. I like what you got though!


Can't comment on the Minolta lens, but I must have fired off 50 shots (had 206 files including RAW & some that I'd taken bracketed for different exposures).

I tried a multitude of settings, playing with ISO and shutter speeds and out of those 206 ended up with at best half a dozen that weren't soft/blurred/overexposed and one that I was happy to crop and post on the web.

I selected spot metering and centre AF (although this is always going to be focused at infinity) and turned the IS off - obviously tripod mounted. Oh and set a 2s timer so my shaky hands were nowhere near the cam.

It's all a learning curve for me at the moment still, but I'm enjoying it. Oh and I have a Minolta 50mm f1.7 - it gives some outstanding results, but can be unforgiving if you don't take your time to make sure you are properly set up.

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