>>> Moron of the year....

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Re: >>> Moron of the year....

Running for VP? hahhahahhahahahha

I think you will agree the most useless VP ever is Joe Biden!

TFergus wrote:

digitalman4242 wrote:

When she was running for VP she said one of her foreign policy assets was she could see Russia from her back yard.

Ok..let me stop laughing so I can type...

This guy followed me to this forum because I hurt his eFeelings in some camera forum after he was trying to insult peoples' mothers....

I'm so sorry he is a representative of the liberal side in this forum...
on the other hand he's probably only acting like he is, thinking it bothers me.

Regardless.... this quote from him may be the DUMBEST thing ever written in this forum.

Sorry Chato and Carlgt1.... I know you have tried hard to win that crown... but you're now 2nd and 3rd.

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