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Re: Olympus manual controls!???

xoio wrote:

"SP-810UZ; this ultra-zoom (36X) is a "toy" of 413g only, without MF or M, A or S modes"

What is it with companies these days Dumbing DOWN features?

The SP-570UZ (10mp camera) - circa 2008

Had a FULL set of manual features, a 'smart' hot shoe, a pseudo focus ring on the barrel . Not manual, but I HATE even more those little naff toggle zooms you get around the shutter button.
And a bulb mode up to 8 MINUTES!!

I remember the Canon Pro1 back in 2004 had, as well as a slighty higher res EVF and back screen, (235,000 pixels), an additional rear lit quick info LCD ... Something you only find on mid to hight range DSLR's now... in fact i think all the 8mp bridges had them back then.

Hell, even the Minolta A2 had a 1 Mega Pixel EVF back in 2004, yet it's taken until now, for EVFs' to 'again' finally get back up to the 1MP mark & beyond.

It does seem that whilst consumers are 'blinded' by higher MP & zoom range, the manufacturers are sneaking in a negative downward feature creep in other areas.
A bit Sh*t really.

I completely agree with you, but that's the way the trend goes... SP-810UZ has even less options than its predecessor SP-800UZ, although the IQ is better and the IS is much better, as you can see from my second example (hand held camera!).

It's true its price was only $330, but I'd spend more than double to one with the same image level, but also with MF and M, A, S controls and a shutter speed of 480-1/4000s (the actual range is 4-1/1400 only)...

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