will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

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Re: big pixels trump little pixels nt

zzapamiga wrote:

mogando668 wrote:

zzapamiga wrote:

Now onto image quality. The IQ180 would absolutely decimate the Nikon D800 in resolution, tonality and overall image quality.

At least the 645D is sub-$10K, so both D800 and 645D are within 4-figure price range.

The IQ180 is what? 11x the price?

I'm glad you're here to point these things out yet miss the point completely. I wasn't comparing price was I? The MF equivalent of the D800 sensor is the IQ180. If I was comparing a 35mm film camera to a MF film camera I wouldn't use different film would I? Same with digital, you should compare equivalent pixel density sensors if you want to compare how the D800 stacks up to MF.

The one who is missing the point is the one who thinks IQ180 and 645D belong to the same category of discussion just because they both claim to be "MF".

The thread is about 645D, which I believe the D800E would be very competitive against. The key difference is that the D800 is great for studio shots and is still versatile enough to walk around town with. I'm not lugging a 645D with me to my cousin's wedding.

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