F770EXR and Z1000EXR sample images

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Do I think Fuji will share your conclusion and act accordingly? Hell, no.

Will the marketplace force Fuji to change course anytime soon? Equally unlikely.

We've seen this movie before. Corporate ego, or "face," will produce stonewalling, followed by grudging, insincere and ineffective gestures designed to calm the enthusiast market segment and wall off the broader market to disparaging criticism.

Presuming a sufficient lifespan, we'll see change. Predictable. Witness the patently obvious need to drop xD and adopt SD...and the glacial sputtering response. There will be flashes of genius, ruinous lapses. Two steps forward, one step back...and one step forward, two steps back.

And through it all, Fuji will be betting on an obdurate, irrationally loyal, obsessive masochists who'll go along for the ride. You know, folks like you. And me.

Stay well.

My general sense of things is that, barring broad acclaim for the HS30

rattymouse wrote:

Dresdenboy wrote:

Fujifilm published some sample photos


These look good except for some strong (it's just ISO100!) noise supression/EXR interpolation artefacts (kind of aquarell pattern) in the low contrast out of focus sections.

What? These look good except they dont look so good is what you seem to be saying. Yes, these images (the girl in particular) are loaded with EXR artifacts. Unbelivabely bad when enlarged.

It's time to face the fact that the EXR sensor will never get back to the quality that the SuperCCD HR had.

The SuperCCD was in fact SUPER.

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