Let's put this to rest: 36 MP vs 22 MP

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Re: Let's put this to rest: 36 MP vs 22 MP

I have to agree as it makes sense.

But I am not exactly sure if overall dynamic range is compromised as each sensor pixel collects less light, and grouping them together will mean less light as compared to a single large pixel in their place. In any case, the electronics are better these days and this issue may not be an issue after all.

BadBeta wrote:

Mordechai wrote:

Let's not forget that the flipside of increased sensor acuity is that it makes it more likely that you will hit up against the effective maximum resolving power of your lens, and in general it is more likely that various optical shortcomings (such as color fringing) will be visible. So from a practical standpoint, increased sensor resolution is not always going to produce higher-quality images. That's one of the reasons I'm very happy with my 40D at just 10MP - it works well with the optical limitations of my lenses.

Increased sensor resolution will produce higher resolution images - regardless of your lenses, and well past their resolving power. Even if your individual pixels might seem less distinct. I choose overall image quality over individual pixel quality.

If you want to go back to low res you can always downsize, and even then the result will be better than if you took a low res picture in the first place.

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