Waiting for 8fps version of D800

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Re: You want a "D400"

Event_shooter wrote:

OH come on now. First of all with the battery pack you get 6fps.

Secondly, if you can't get a shot in 4 fps, then you need to find another profession.

Even the fastest basketball player slam dunking can be caught in 4 shots. Even the D4 can't capture EVERY frame of a Indy 500 crash. So more fps won't help here because the buffer will kick in with any camera. At that pint you need to be shooting video.

I'm not disagreeing with the general sentiment, but a dunk is about the easiest shot to get - you know where the ball and the player are heading.

Sorry the 36MP with 4 - 6fps, is about as good as it gets.

The higher fps of a D3/s/4 gives you more flexibility to capture the ball position you want on the dribble, the expression of the player/s, a move such a cross-over, or the complete arc of a three pointer. I'm not saying you can't some of those with 4fps, but picking the easiest shot as an example as to why you don't need higher fps isn't the best reason IMHO.

Take a look at the dunk from Duke/UNC. I'd be surprised if that was taken using 4ps.

As for needing 36MP for sports I think the OP might want to consider a few other things first before simply throwing MPs at the subject in the hope of getting something to (I'd like to see how the D800 handles poorly lit arenas before jumping on that ship).

YMMV of course.


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