Canon, you have lost a big spender. I've just waited too long

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Re: Canon, you have lost a big spender. I've just waited too long

Good gracious people! Calm down all at once! Every company are competiting each other hard. It is not stopping. Just be happy with what camera you already have got and you got some good lens that is still capable of taking awesome pictures! Or if you don't like it, don't whinge in here, keep it quiet while you sell the camera/lens and buy different company new camera/lens. I dont want to hear anything pityful about Canon camera. I have gone through Canon camera since started of 10D I own to 7D and I still liked it pretty much! New camera will come out will always be better than old one. But you don't need to keep upgrading all the time at your expenses, it would be too expensive to keep upgrading every year.

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