Looking for D7K poor skin tone fix.

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Re: Let us know

I've found with my D7000 that it basically requires a custom WB taken with each changing situation. i shoot in the Portrait Color mOde to begin with and I also gel lights for balance. This is with jpegs, then in PS it's a slight tweak to get the skin exactly as I want it. The only difference here between this camera and say my old D100 is with the old camera I could set a WB in camera that worked pretty well vs taking the custom or Pre WB. It only takes a second to do.

Not sure how you are going about using WB, maybe you do the same as me and are still not happy. i understand that the likes of the D700 or D3 class cameras do better out of the box. So I am considering going that route, for both the skin tones and focus ability inprovements in those cameras. but I can get there with the D7000, it's just not real assuring.

astralux wrote:

The D7K arrived back on time as promised with a note saying that the camera had been "serviced". Exactly what that involves is not clear and after reviewing and testing the camera, I am in no mood to find out as nothing seems to have changed. I have given up on fiddling with the settings to try and get quality color in jpeg from the camera and am now using it in RAW only. The D7K will be sold as soon as the D4 arrives and gets checked out.

Very sad and disappointing, I had high hopes that the D7K would be a stunning carry workhorse and it clearly has the potential as witnessed by it's RAW images, but Nikon chose to limit the adjustments to the jpg settings so much that one cannot correct their choice in what color balance should be.
Very sad but itme to move on.

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