DPR makes it too easy to cheat

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Re: DPR makes it too easy to cheat

El Crapio wrote:

Mike, changing the date in exif is just as easy believe me... you can even do it in your image editor, no need for special programs or anything. That's why I think it's a bad rule to begin with. It's only unfair to those that go out and try to get a decent shot, while others pick a nice one from their personal gallery.

This is correct, it's as easy as "cloning out minor distractions", since in many an editor these fields are open to manipulate as you like. But cheaters forget that they have been placing the same photos with original (or already changed) metadata to other places, and that's how they get caught.

The only way to stop that plague is to BAN such characters right off the site at the very first occurrence, and keep that practice until they either learn or get tired of thinking up new nicks and tricks. Nothing less will teach them effectively.

I can't understand the DPR reluctance to give the hosts some adequate tools to deal with this... after all, if the Challenges become more honest (and credible), the number of proper photographers can only raise, and I'll guess at the same rate or better as the percentage of vanity-ridden low life diminishes... which is good... or am I missing something?

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