A Pro's Perspective and Decision: Please Read

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Re: Thank you for your perspective

Pro means to get the job done with whatever you have on hand. An axe if that's what you have :-).

I was a Minolta then Sony shooter for more than 7 years owning only the best bodies and lens too. For about an year I am dual Canon + Sony Full Frames. When doing paid jobs Canon is the way to go , Sony just as backup for travel photography, etc.

If I have the chance(get a good price for it) I'll be selling my a850 and go to another Canon FF: 5d 1,2,3 / 1ds III depending on my needs. Sony FF are great but not great enough for my work. a77 just made me realize that I am not interested in future Sony cameras if SLT is their approach from now on.

I am not really pleased to do it since I'll loose plenty of meny and I love Minolta and their glass, always did and I will always feel attached to this brand and how they approached photography. This commitment though will not pay the bills having the highest efficiency which is critical when you want to have a running business but not a expensive hobby :). That's it
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