What is the video equivalent of DNG – if any?

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Re: CinemaDNG - irrelevant and superfluous for casual video

Thanks Cy

I have already labelled the videos and have them stored on three different sites in duplicates (six copies in all). I am not a prolific videographer nor a professional so the size of videos is a non-issue as long as my computer can manage. Not having to make cost/benefit analysis of conversions I can take all the time it takes. If it is worth recording in the first place, then it is worth securing a long life; for me that is. Time is the only resource I have plenty of.

The problem I see already is some editing tools not being able to handle some videos when editing. Probably hunting for the right codec-upgrade would solve that, if the codec for the specific camera is still available. I do not trust such availability in the long run and I am loth to loose some footage due to a format becoming obsolete. Hence the quest for the .vdng.


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