Sony announced shortage supply Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Running low on Zeiss 24mm...ok, I guess we can ship the Nex 7 kits now

For video you need IS. The Nex is horrible with legacy lenses in this sense. The GH2 has IBIS, so it does quite decent with them in video mode. I am sure that you noticed this immediately.

You can use a video stabilized tripod, or shoulder harness, or OSS lenses, or find another way to brace the camera. Handheld video on a Nex without stabilization will not look exciting, although wide angle (12/16/24) mitigates the shakiness a little.

The kit zoom and the 18200 do very well in video mode on the Nex.

Shield3 wrote:

The Voitlander Nokton is a 25mm manual focus m43s lens, so 50mm effective. I guess when I stacked my GH2 with the el cheapo 14mm 2.5 pancake (effective=28mm) and the Sony Nex-7 both on a tripod the GH2 was just tons sharper in video mode. Didn't get that big of a thrill out of the 24mm Sony with pictures either. It's possible something was wrong with it; after all it was a "Crutchfield open box" lens for $899. Who knows.

blue_skies wrote:

The 50mm is a quarter view of the 24mm. It automatically shows more details in a shallower DOF, drawing more attention to the subject. It is not necessarily sharper, but your eye will get that impression.

Same with the 25mm f/1.4 Panny. This is a 50mm FF equivalent view. The 24ZA is the equivalent of a 36mm FF view.

The Nokton f/.95, I believe, is 50mm, which is a 100mm FF equivalent view on the M43.

In addition, DOF generally increases towards smaller sensors, giving more sharpness.

To judge a lens, you have to compare it at its focal length. And at its aperture range. The 24ZA is a very fast APS-C lens at that FL. Most legacy lenses already are f/2.8 at 28mm and f/4 at 21mm.

Comparable lenses would be of Zeiss, Leica brands, and cost more, are larger, and need MF and manual aperture.

Shield3 wrote:

Well, I just came from the GH2 world, where I had the Panny Summilux F/1.4 Th25mm and formerly the Nokton F/.95. The 1.8 didn't seem as sharp to me even as the 50mm F/1.8 E-Mount I have. Maybe I just had a bad copy?

MT wrote:

This is the WEIRD thing on this lens. I read some who rave about it here and also on Luminous Landscape where it is comparable to a $6K Leica. (If I remember correctly.) And then some forumites makes statements about how the lens doesn't impress them. The one that I am most curious is that low light is not a big deal over the kit lens. I mean, this is 2 stops faster - that is a whole lot faster in shutter speed - and yet not impressed in low light?

For me, a key of any 1.8 lens is the shallow depth of field which allows for a subject to really be isolated. Or perhaps some users are shooting it at smaller apertures simiilar to the kit lens? Or perhaps the kit lenses are just that excellent?


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