High School looking for semi-professional photoprinter with reasonable toner price

Started Mar 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
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I agree

I agree with KBs reply. Ink and paper are THE main cost drivers. Obviously paper is always required but the size of those ink cartridges dictate consumption cost. I own two printers: Canon i9950 and Epson 3880. While both are outstanding printers and I can't distinguish on which printer a print had been produced, my ink cost has been at least halves using the Epson. And it's great not needing a constant supply of spare cartridges at home. It's always a Sunday, when a (Canon) cartridge needs replacement and printing is interrupted.

Make sure you understand and use color management (calibration, icc profiles, ...). I'd shy away from using third party inks. While some may look fine when printed, there are various factor as yet unknown: longevity, ecological friendliness, effects of outgassing, longterm printer reliability (or warranty conditions). My philosophy has always been to use OEM inks but search for the "nicest" paper for the image.

My bottom line: Epson 3880 (or older 3800) with original inks and "nice" papers.

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