Sony announced shortage supply Zeiss 24mm

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Re: Running low on Zeiss 24mm...ok, I guess we can ship the Nex 7 kits now

The 50mm is a quarter view of the 24mm. It automatically shows more details in a shallower DOF, drawing more attention to the subject. It is not necessarily sharper, but your eye will get that impression.

Same with the 25mm f/1.4 Panny. This is a 50mm FF equivalent view. The 24ZA is the equivalent of a 36mm FF view.

The Nokton f/.95, I believe, is 50mm, which is a 100mm FF equivalent view on the M43.

In addition, DOF generally increases towards smaller sensors, giving more sharpness.

To judge a lens, you have to compare it at its focal length. And at its aperture range. The 24ZA is a very fast APS-C lens at that FL. Most legacy lenses already are f/2.8 at 28mm and f/4 at 21mm.

Comparable lenses would be of Zeiss, Leica brands, and cost more, are larger, and need MF and manual aperture.

Shield3 wrote:

Well, I just came from the GH2 world, where I had the Panny Summilux F/1.4 Th25mm and formerly the Nokton F/.95. The 1.8 didn't seem as sharp to me even as the 50mm F/1.8 E-Mount I have. Maybe I just had a bad copy?

MT wrote:

This is the WEIRD thing on this lens. I read some who rave about it here and also on Luminous Landscape where it is comparable to a $6K Leica. (If I remember correctly.) And then some forumites makes statements about how the lens doesn't impress them. The one that I am most curious is that low light is not a big deal over the kit lens. I mean, this is 2 stops faster - that is a whole lot faster in shutter speed - and yet not impressed in low light?

For me, a key of any 1.8 lens is the shallow depth of field which allows for a subject to really be isolated. Or perhaps some users are shooting it at smaller apertures simiilar to the kit lens? Or perhaps the kit lenses are just that excellent?


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