It's Time To Finally Get This "Racist & Sexist" Limbaugh Guy Fired/Sued/Imprisoned.

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Re: It's Time To Finally Get This "Racist & Sexist" Limbaugh Guy Fired/


mamallama wrote:


mamallama wrote:


mamallama wrote:

BRJR Wrote :

"Working for God on earth does not pay much, but His Retirement plan is out of this world."

I cannot believe any woman needs $3,500.00 of birth control pills or latex devices per year .

mamallama wrote:

You think women birth control pills are like Viagra, you take one when you want to do it. You are so ill informed .

Funny mamalamma ,,

I was not thinking that !

You have me accused , tried , convected , prosecuted , and , discredited , all based on something I never thought .

I am waiting patiently to see your proof .

mamallama wrote:

One's gender is not a criteria for knowledge. You are more ill informed than I first thought.


My illness has nothing to do with being informed , but it seems to be related to my believing I can have a breif conversation with a Lama , and to my expecting a reply to anything I write .

This is the definition of insanity , or it is said to be .

My mistake . Next time I should know better .

Sorry for whatever illness you have, but I never made reference to it. You seem to have a deficiency in understanding English. Ill informed is a not a physical illness. It means you lack information.

I finally tricked you and finally got a reply to something I wrote . Thanks Miss mamamamallammallamma .

And thanks for the kind appology , I was beginning to fear I had some really dangerous illness . Than you saved me again .That was very nice of you mamallamma .

So you are saying I am not really ill , right ? What a relief . I sure would not want to depend on Obama care .

I did NOT say that. Read again. Here is what I said. Sorry for whatever illness you have

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