Sensor-Shift and Superresolution/Oversampling

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Re: Sensor-Shift and Superresolution/Oversampling


Here's a photo taken with the K5, at 1600asa.
It was just a grab shot.

Master black and white friend and photographer Terry Cryer was sat across from me when we having lunch. I just picked up the K5, which was set in "Green" mode and took a shot - it worked out well.
My point is that this is a good photograph - and at high speed.

I don't honestly think cameras need any more resolution, unless someone is planning on taking small crops and enlarging them.

We modern photographers seem to love our equipment but are we not possibly centred on this aspect more than what we should be doing - ie the image?

Just a thought and please don't anyone take this the wrong way - I'm just making suggestions for discussion.


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