Fluke's "Sex Change" insurance coverage

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Re: "We are All God's Children"

WoodMaven wrote:

mamallama wrote:

WoodMaven wrote:

....then gender mending should be at least as valid.

All medical issues should be valid. Both are medical issues. Yes, some people are born with gender confusion disorder, both mentally and physically, like transgenders and transsexuals.

God did not make everybody perfect and as the Christian song goes, "We are all God's Children". But some do not want to accept or even talk about it.

Darned it, I was really hoping for something deeper. Why is gender mending any more valid than, for example, making an ugly person beautiful? All that self image stuff. mamallama, I had hopes you might be a little deeper. Too many shallow responses on this forum. I'm not giving up hope on you. Is it strictly because it's gender related? Is that a protected subset of sufferers?

I'm not goading you, I am really, seriously, wondering. Obviously it's not going to cost me much if this one category gets its wish but will there suddenly appear a slew of others who say "me too"? Will we fix all the ailments, real or imagined?

Some live with gender confusion disorders, like some live with a cleft palate. But if for psychological reasons, for one, gender mending can be the same as mending a cleft or palate. Both are medical issues that should be open and covered by medical insurance.

If you had a child born with a cleft lip, I'm sure you would understand it's not just cosmetic for beauty reasons. Believe me, I've known families with this and similar disorders (large dark birthmark across half the face). The psychological effect can be damaging. So can gender confusion disorder although the effect is more private.

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