Any comparison data between X10 and Canon S90?

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Re: Any comparison data between X10 and Canon S90?

Re: Bananasplit's link to compare color of X10 and S95:

I think maybe we were talking at crossed purposes, below, so let me clarify. The link Banansplit cited was to a set of photos that had been discussed before on DPReview. Yes, indeed, there are X10 yellow skies in the bunch. X10_21 and X10_31 are particularly egregious examples. HOWEVER, you do not need the comparison to the S95 to see the yellow in the X10. It is plain as day. So, you can look at any skies (gray, in particular) to see if the yellow tint, per se, is an X10 property. I have not seen any such tinted photos, and I have looked. So I think that particular problem (yellow tint) is NOT an X10 property, but some random thing that happened in that situation.

I'm not making any global statement about color quality. In fact, the X10 seems more prone to red blowout than the S95.

Bananasplit wrote:

boxerman wrote:

Bananasplit wrote:

I don't know for the S90, but for the S95 you can see:

... On the other hand, the S95 has much better colors (the skies on a calibrated screen appear yellowish on those X10 pics).

I saw and remarked on the yellowish tint in some X10 pix here (they appeared in a DPR thread) when these first appeared. However, I have yet to see a single picture from the X10 that had this tint since. I think there was something special going on with the cam, the photog, or with the conditions. Personally, I would dismiss the yellow tint until it is verified elsewhere.

I did not see many comparisons with skies. I have put the only link I know and it is easy to see the pics with the yellowish color. See for example the skies of S95_20/jpg vs fuji_x10_21.jpg, S95_32.jpg vs fuji_x10_36.jpg ...

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