5D Mark III raw samples on Imaging Resource

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Re: A little under 1-stop improvement

I have to say I disagree with you. When you look just at amount of grain, you may be correct. But looking at grain structure and pushability of the file, the 5D3 blows the 5D2 out of the water. Just my humble opinion.

Pultzar wrote:

I downloaded a bunch of RAW files and opened them in Photoshop. It is a little difficult to compare them because the lighting is different between the sets. You can see that the white balance is not the same nor are the positions of the shadows.

I don't have time to post crops now, but this is what I saw:

5D3 (3200) beats 5D2 (3200)
5D3 (6400) loses to 5D2 (3200)

5D3 (12800) loses to 5D2 (6400)

5D3 (3200) roughly the same as 7D (800)

5D3 (100) vs 5D2 (100) hard to say

Nice to see some actual sharp images coming from this camera

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