Nikon uses video shot with a Canon camera in their D800 promo

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Eric Jon Job
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Re: That video was not posted by Nikon on you tube

Wow, truth is stranger than fiction, I guess. Fair enough. Glad the matter has come to light. Doesn't Nikon often hire independent filmmakers to do these pieces?

LPoe wrote:

Eric Jon Job wrote:

That's exactly what I thought. I forgot Steve's Digicams even existed until this reminded me.

This is so implausible that it is laughable. The Nikon line-up doesn't need a Canon to shoot official promotional footage.

sandy b wrote:

And is available nowhere else. It does not look like any other Nikon videos or with official Nikon logos. And the quaility is poor, Nikon would never have sanctioned its release. i think Steve is drumming up some business for a comatose site.

Not to throw gas on the fire (I've got a D800 on order) I've never heard of Steve's Digicams, and this may, in fact be, "So implausible that is is laughable" but the Norwegian photographer who's footage is in this video is named Terje Sorgjerd. His comment on the matter was.....

"A bit surprised to see Nikon using some of my video clips in the world launch of the Nikon D800 camera in Bangkok on the 7th without contacting me. Especially since Canon is one of my sponsors, and I use a 5DII."

Taken from his Facebook fan page

So I dunno, draw your own conclusions.

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