E-M5 vs D7000 Prepare to be blown away!

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From what I've seen, the EM-5 sensor is producing some very nice images. Among the best from a u4/3 sensor to date.

But the D7000 still has the edge. That is not a surprise.

Comparing a u4/3 sensor to an APS-C is like comparing a V6 engine to a V8.

Ten years ago, factory vehicles with V8 engines were making around 300Hp. That was considered very good back then. V6s were putting out around 200Hp. But these days, there are several V6 engines making 300Hp+ numbers (from Ford, Chevy, Acura, and Toyota to name a few). And V8s can now make 350 - 400Hp+.

Engines and Sensors have improved over time. To some degree, the performance gaps have narrowed but they do and will always exist. u4/3 sensors are capable of very good quality when compared to those of yesterday. But just like in engines, there is No Replacement For Displacement so APS-C and FF sensors will always be ahead to some degree.

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