Panasonic 14mm sharper than NEX Carl Zeiss 24mm?!

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Re: Panasonic 14mm sharper than NEX Carl Zeiss 24mm?!

according to them, the 14 is better than my Nikkor 24/1.4G as well

don_van_vliet wrote:

Ok, this is probably trolling, or it would be if I posted it in the NEX forum. I was messing around on slrgear, looking at NEX lenses to see how they compared to M43. I was surprised to find that the Carl Zeiss 24mm was les sharp than the Panasonic 14mm at every aperture.

This seems a bit odd, given that the CZ is £1000+ of lens, whilst the Pana is about £250. Could this be because the NEX lens was tested on a higher resolution sensor? Or is it an anomoly of their testing procedure, i.e. can lenses be compared across different sensors or is it stupid of me to have done that?

Flicking through a few other reviews I also found that in general the NEX lenses were considerably less sharp (at least according to SLRgear) than the M43 lenses. I realise that an slrgear review is a single-point-statistic, but I find this quite surprising. There is certainly nothing comparable to the 20mm, 25mm or 45mm primes.

Don't get me wrong though, I think the NEX bodies are superb, I handled a NEX7 today and fell in love on the spot. The sensor performance an't be argued with either. I do think the M43 system is better on the lens front however, I doubt many could reasonably disagree, and has some really fantastic primes. M43 users are close to being spoilt (if you can afford it) and I sort of wonder how many non-M43 users know how good the lenses are - dpreview doesn't seem to review them and only seems to care about the bodies.

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