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LR4 - E5 or GH2 or OMD

Hi Erik

Your pre-sets for the E 5 have improved my processing in LR so much, They mean the adjustments I make are much more natural and show less signs of processing.

As I am not very technically focused or capable, this has helped a lot. It has been especially helpful for my largely amateur theatre photography (though these days I do charge a minimal almost nominal fee for my largely community or small semi-professional groups).

Your presets have been a boon to so many of us. Thank you.

I am looking forward to LR4 and its seemingly wondrous capablities re shadows, highlights, spot noise reduction and print preview.

I am wondering

  • how I will be able to use your pre-sets with these new LR4 features?

  • Are you still using your E5 or are you just using your GH2's?

  • Are you thinking about the OM-D?

Your expertise is valued.

Hoping to hear some ideas that can make this photographic technology work better.



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