Powershot S100 QC

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Re: Powershot S100 QC

skisagooner wrote:

I bought my S100 yesterday, and I'm thrilled with it.

Congratulations on your new camera; hope you enjoy the s100 as much as I do.

However I do know quite well of the infamous issues of the S100, lens decentering and what not. So for the sake of knowing whether I got what I paid for (what my mum paid for actually), please look through a few photos I have taken (including some graph papers) and judge them.

Personally, I never judge first photos (including my own). Everyone needs time becoming familiar with a new camera. It took me several days to get used to my S100, even after owning the S90 for well over a year.

Regarding the "infamous issues of the s100," why not take the advice of dpreview. If you see no obvious flaws in your photos, be happy with the camera. Remember, the dpreview test are done in a studio with controlled lighting. They suggest judging it by real world photos.

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